Menka and Akash

Autumn is finally here and we’re having amazing weather here in Hong Kong now. Here’s another beautiful morning at the Peak. :)

Annie and Marco

Annie and Marco’s Hong Kong wedding photography teaser…more coming soon. ;)

Karen and Loi

Ahh…I love destination pre-wedding photos. So much time available for a variety of creative shots. Honestly folks, if you have the means and the time…this is definitely what you want to do!

Crystal and Darius

It’s rare that I’ll have a couple wanting to shoot pre-wedding photos in the middle of a Hong Kong summer. Meet Crystal and Darius…they both love to sweat! Luckily we were able to have half the shoot inside with some air conditioning…omg, did that help! It also made for some cool creative shots as well. […]

Akiko and Michael + Family

Shooting a family in one of my favorite parks in Vancouver. Add in some amazing weather…and you have yourself a magical shoot. :)

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Andrea and Son

An extremely quick shoot with Andrea for a quick present for Daddy. Went out to a local park for some great Mother/Son snaps. :)

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Cass and Wilson

Wow, feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve updated…maybe because it has been. :( I’m going to power upload 3 or 4 galleries in the next few days, so be ready! For now, enjoy the awesomeness of Vancouver with Cass and Wilson! Will see more of these guys in Thailand soon enough. ;)

Sam and Kevin

Rain Rain Rain….we’ve had the wettest season in HK since I can remember. Sometimes you have no choice but to shoot and pray the rain go away. Sam and Kevin are from NY and were only in Hong Kong for a few days. The weather the entire week they were here was miserable…but we were […]

Julie and James

Back to traveling and shooting my good friend Julie’s wedding overseas. Felt like we were chasing the sun the entire day, but we got the shots that I wanted nonetheless. Wedding pics coming soon. ;)


First post of 2016 and it’s all about family. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday…looking forward to another great year of photos! :)

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Jessica and Teddy

I know it’s been awhile since my last update, but I’ve been crazy busy shooting lately in Hong Kong. I’ve also been traveling quite a bit to Europe for destination weddings as well as training for this crazy half Ironman in Taiwan. My time has lately been Eat, Train, Sleep….Eat, Train, Sleep…rinse/repeat! Only 9 more […]

Julie and Liang

One thing I love about destination weddings is that they tend to be small and cozy. This one was especially small as only the wedding party went…no weird uncles, no plus ones, just friends. All I can say was that it was a complete blast and I can’t wait to shoot another one just like […]

Gabriella and Kevin

Ahhh..back in France once again. One of my all time favorite weddings was shot in FRANCE, so I always love coming back for more. We started off shooting with some “so so” weather in Bordeaux, but we got really lucky when we finally arrived in Paris. Although the weather report showed rain, we were lucky […]

Jen and Mark Phuket part 1

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer in Hong Kong is that there are so many amazing destination locations within a couple of hours from here. The travel definitely helps with the monotony of shooting in one particular city over a given amount of time. Here’s a shoot from an amazing party/wedding […]

Natalie and Ghyslain

Spring is in the air and the weather is finally turning for the warmer here in Hong Kong. What does that mean for Hong Kong lovebirds? PRE-WEDDING Photos! :) So back to one of my favorite spots in Hong Kong….enjoy.

Hilda and Kevin in Vancouver

For those freezing right now and missing Vancouver summers…here ya go! By the way, it’s a coooool 19 degrees Celsius in Hong Kong right now. ;)

Maggie and Jan

I’ve been shooting less and less in Hong Kong these days. Here’s a Teaser from beautiful Düsseldorf, Germany. :)

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Andrea and Jake

One of the great things about living in Hong Kong is that the majority of my clients prefer to have destination weddings. This year alone I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in Iceland, Italy, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, and Thailand. I’m looking forward to 2015 as I already have Czech Republic, France and Maldives booked. ;) […]

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Carmen and Sam

Funny thing…I shot these photos awhile ago in Hong Kong and just ended up forgetting to post them. Looking back, I realize that I really only post about 15-20% of my work. The rest of them sort of sit in limbo waiting on me to publish the set. In any case…more to come soon. ;)

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Candice and Calvin Maternity shoot

Here’s a quick teaser from Candice and Calvin’s maternity shoot. Congrats again on your beautiful baby boy! :)

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