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Steph and Jeremiah

There’s one thing I need to remember on my next destination beach wedding…a BATHING SUIT! I began the day by shooting Jeremiah and his buddies kicking the ball around on the beach. 15 min later, the boys decided to give Jeremiah a nice dunking so I of course followed closely. As they were throwing him in, this massive wave came up on us and my pants got entirely drenched. Bad enough that my camera case got completely destroyed a few months back from this very same beach, but now I was completely soaked and only just beginning my day with this wedding. Luckily the hotel had a few hair dryers handy so I was nice and dry about 30 min later. Oh….and I got the shot. ;)

Steph is a great friend of mine who I met while living in Shanghai. She is one of the most genuine, kindhearted, and sincere person that I know and it was an amazing honor to shoot her wedding. Congrats again to both you and Jeremiah, I hope to see the both of you guys real soon.

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  1. AMAZING.Everything is amazing.the way you both looked the clothes, location…well done…BIG kISS ELISA

    elisa ferri added these words on March 18, 2012 at 8:01 am

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