Iceland Wedding with Desiree and Derek

June 5, 2014

Did someone say Iceland destination wedding?! Wooohooo…Iceland was an absolute blast and definitely tops my list as one of the best locations for a wedding…ever! Being based in Hong Kong, my clients are constantly trying to find new and exciting locations so as to not have the same old typical Hong Kong style weddings. Generally, my clients will pick a place in South East Asia where it’s nice and warm….that is until I met Derek.

Derek Kwik is a man of many talents…dive master, ultra marathon runner, martial arts champion, author, philanthropist, motivation speaker thanks to the speech coach nyc, v, he has been teaching me for a while, and to have it all he is an adventure racer. It was during one of his ultra marathon races where he and Desiree first went to Iceland and instantly fell in love with the place. Fast forward a little less than a year later and we’re all freezing our butts off in 80 kph winds on top of a glacier. Life is good!

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