A Cherished Family Photoshoot in Soho, Hong Kong

March 29, 2023

Photography has the power to capture and preserve precious moments, and it was an absolute joy to work with the Libby and her family for their special photoshoot in Hong Kong. As the eldest daughter Anabelle prepares to leave for college in the fall, the family wanted to create lasting memories in the city they call home.

Our photoshoot took place in the bustling Central district, where the family’s lively spirit shone against the backdrop of modern architecture and busy streets. We took candid shots of the family sharing laughter and enjoying each other’s company as they explored the vibrant neighborhood.

Next, we ventured to the trendy Soho area, capturing the family’s playful interactions with the eclectic mix of colorful street art and charming cafes. The three sisters, were particularly radiant, their close bond evident in each frame.

These beautiful images will serve as a reminder of their strong connection and shared experiences in the heart of Hong Kong.

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